Dinner Out @ McDonald's

Who knew?  A top notch culinary experience, just around the corner (nearly every corner, as it turns out).  We don't watch much TV, so when we happened upon a commercial with all kinds of fresh vegetables that looked so appetizing, we decided to go to... McDonald's.

The Food: Sarah got this delectable double cheeseburger.  It looks exactly like the burger in the ads, and they don't even add ammonia (their suppliers do).  Wow.  Definitely tops a Terry's Turf Club burger.  And at 1/5th the price of a Terry's burger - just one dollar - it's definitely not subsidized heavily by our lobby/corporate-friendly government to be unreasonably cheap.

I opted for the chicken ranch club (see more photos below).  Just the right balance of too much bun, not enough over-breaded and over-fried chicken, and cardboard-flavored crispy bacon.  Oh, and the tomatoes, so mealy, I wish I would have ordered double.

The french fries are salty and delicious, just the way we like them.

The Ingredients: As I noted above, McDonald's has great looking vegetables in their commercials, and even has great pictures of vegetables on their boxes.  We are big fans of good looking vegetables!

The Story, Setting, & Service: The service was wonderful - it took about 15 minutes to get our small order.  While we waited, there were numerous options for flavored corn syrup and refills aplenty.  The location was just close enough to the highway that I could still smell my way to it if I went blind after eating my GMO, hormone-heavy meal.  Stellar in every way.

Jesus - McDonald's is so bad that it was even hard to write an April Fools post about it.  But seriously, their french fries are good.

McDonalds on Urbanspoon
(this actually wasn't the one we went to, we went to the one by the Mitchell Ave. exit off I-75)


Julie said...

Ha. The Big n Tasty is better.

Gavin DeVore Leonard said...

Hey Julie - shows how young we are in the blog game... you've been there, done that. I guess it goes to show that clearly McDonald's is still the leader of the evil empire.

Nice April Fool's post today too - I can't believe that some people actually believed that quote (that was your giveaway - after hook-ups?!). I'll have to try harder next year.

Thanks for the comment!

Julie said...

I'm just an old lady blogger ;) McDonald's is so easy to poke fun at! I didn't know about the ammonia though...

Yes, I figured the "hook-ups" would give it away... or the link to last year's post. But hey, I figure the ultimate compliment is someone saying that they were going to remove me from their rss reader until they realized the date!