Dinner Out @ Mayberry

My friend Tony and I were looking for a place to eat, and while I'd happily been to Mayberry for dinner on the weekend, I had heard good things about the lunch menu too.  We ended up switching from a lunch to a dinner get together, but turns out that during the week they're open til 7pm with the same menu all day.  This'll be a quick post because I was much more focused on catching up with Tony than I was on the food (I know, quite a faux pas).

The Food:  As has been well documented, "The Burger" is crazy big.  Tony said it was just a bit spicy - enough to be a reminder of the flavor.  Also, he said there was some yummy seasoning on the meat to go with the egg, onion marmalade, and bacon.  I got the Sloppy Josh - a slow-cooked, shredded beef sandwich with rosemary, creamy coleslaw, and spicy mustard.  It was tasty, although next time I think I'll ask for some hot sauce to give it a bit more of a kick.

Both meals came with salad greens and a creamy house dressing.  For $7-8, these are solid portion sizes with great ingredients - definitely notable in the "best bang for the buck" category.

The Ingredients:  The only note about local, organic, or sustainable ingredients was that the beef for the hamburger is local.  By the time we were done eating, they were about to close up shop, so I didn't hang around to ask about the ingredients.  Yet another reason to go back.  Josh, the chef, was easy to talk to and I'm sure he'll be happy to share what he knows.  Of course, the more ingredient sources that are provided on the menu the better, so noting the local meat is a start.

The Story, Setting, & Service:  When we came in at 5:30, we were the only people there.  Josh came out and talked with us a bit and asked if we were bloggers when I asked about taking photos.  We got into a conversation about chefs being frustrated with bloggers, and he said people could dance on the tables if they paid as much as they did at Alinea.  I mentioned we're going to Chicago and San Fran this summer and looking for some foodie opportunities, and he gave some recommendations for places in Napa Valley.

Mayberry's interior is small - 27 seats I believe - and they don't take reservations.  So if you want in on a Friday or Saturday you should plan to persevere or come early.  They've got some great local art on the walls, and coupled with the chalkboard menu the whole experience is close-knit and homey and decidedly comfortable.

In somewhat unrelated news, we ran into Laura and David from Cincinnati Nomerati on the street during our post-meal walk.  Twitter came up in conversation, and I decided to make at least a small jump in - check out the new Amateur Foodies profile and follow us if you'd like.  It will almost certainly be primarily just another spot to promote the blog, as well as to follow what is happening around town.  But who knows, maybe I'll get into it.

We'll have to do a longer, more substantial, post about Mayberry's weekend dinner one of these days.  It definitely warrants another trip back sooner rather than later. Check out a few more photos below...

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tblanx said...
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tblanx said...

I really enjoyed the food here! As a lover of spicy food, I need to make a quick side note about the "spicy" comment: This was NOT a spicy dish, but there was a little peppery kick to it that really helped bring out the flavors of a good meaty burger. I would definitely order this meal again!