Disclaimers, Disclosures, FAQ

Oh how litigious our society has become...

Here are some disclaimers:

We moderate comments.  If the internets weren't frequented by spammers and mean and/or crazy people, then maybe we wouldn't.  Do your part by not spamming or being mean and keeping your craziness to yourself.  We welcome friendly debate and conversation, and are 100% cool with you disagreeing with us, but please do so respectfully.  If you think we've missed the mark on this front, please let us know.

We'll let you know, in each post, if we have any potential conflict of interest.  This is a small big city - sometimes we know people, or get to know them quickly, at a restaurant or market.  Connections to producers and policy ideas often have personal relevance.  It's not out of the question that we'll get something free someday because of writing this blog.  We'll do our best to maintain a high level of integrity so you can trust our words, or at least respect them.

And now some disclosures:

Cincinnati Magazine gave us a free copy of its online edition when they saw we were blogging consistently, and asked that we link to them on our site - we thought their link was relevant on our list of "The Other Foodie Spots" anyway, so we took the bait.

And now some FAQ:

(When we get frequently asked questions, we'll add a FAQ area below. :) )