Gardening in 2010!

Sarah and I moved into our place in Northside last year in May, and made some fast adjustments to get a garden planted. The results were excellent - check out one round of our bounty from last year (above)!

Prep for the 2010 garden started a long, long time ago. And now, we are in the process of implementing the plans. Sarah is the brains and 75% of the brawn of the operation - I pitch in on some projects here and there.

We thought we'd share some of our photos for the preparation and first phases of this year's work. See the slideshow below for pics and captions. Lastly, here are 3 of our learnings thus far:

1. Sarah's Favorite Catalog Find: Territorial Seed Company - great heirloom selection, and they mail single heirloom tomato plants.
2. Grow Up, and Upside Down: Save space in an urban garden by hanging tomatoes on the porch and letting climbers climb vertical so they take up less space.
3. Dig Less, Eat More: Potato bags will save some hassle - and calloused hands.

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