Beef Jerky @ Home

Beef jerky is one of those things that when it's good, it's great.  But it can also be pretty expensive for such an addictive snack.  With a little bit of work though, you can make a tasty treat that is great to have around the house.

Here you'll find our dearly held family, er, Alton Brown recipe - we get our flank steak from the Eaton Farm (here on FB)...

1.        Flank Steak
2.        2/3 cup Soy Sauce
3.        2/3 cup Worcestershire
4.        1 TB Honey
5.       2 TSP Black Pepper
6.       2 TSP Onion Powder
7.       2 TSP Red Pepper Flakes
8.       1 TSP Liquid Smoke (optional)

Thinly slice steak along the grain of the meat.  Place sliced steak and all marinade ingredients in a zip lock bag.  Refrigerate at least 3-6 hours.  Drain and pat dry and place in dehydrator (a great item to find on Craigslist by the way).  The time always varies, so just check in periodically to see when you have the texture you would expect for jerky!

Check out some pictures in the slideshow below.


Elizabeth said...

The jerky we sampled was fabulous! We've got some more flank steak for you, too.

Gavin DeVore Leonard said...

Great, glad you liked it! I actually just ate the last of it today, so we'll take whatever you've got on this Sunday at the pickup. See you soon...