Tasty Links #7

I know, I know - we've posted more links than reviews, recipes, or anything else recently. Well, what can I say, there's been some good stuff coming. In this edition, a couple of things that got a lot of play or people kept telling me about, so I just couldn't wait any longer.

1)  Crazy good graphs on how food is subsidized (image on the left). This made the rounds recently, first at Cincinnati Locavore, then at wine me, dine me.  Original hat tip: Larry Falkin, Food Task Team.  Definitely worth a look and read.

2)  If sometimes, or maybe more than that, you think foodies can be somewhere between annoying and amusing, you might like to check out Shutup Foodies - a new tumblr blog that doesn't hide its disdain for the pretentious to ridiculous side of foodieism - because of its snarky thoughts on hip, now trends like ramps.  They've honestly got a good take pretty consistently I've found.

3)  Cincinnati Regional Food Congress - details just came out, but it is coming fast - April 10th.

And your video.  Are you hip to Sarah Haskins?  Darn near every Target Women is hilarious!

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