Tour: Cincinnati CAM Asia Supermarket

I found out about the Cincinnati CAM Asia Supermarket a while back while searching for some Yamasa Usukuchi soy sauce while I was excitedly perusing my new Momofuku cookbook.  Turns out they actually didn't have it, but in the process, we stumbled upon a Cincinnati gem.  Findlay Market has Ottugi (around the corner) and Saigon Market (on location), but CAM has 5 times as many options and is definitely worth the drive up to Evendale.

The Location: CAM is at the corner of Reading Road and Glendale Milford Road - you can take I-75 to exit 14 or I-71 to exit 15 and be there in a snap.  It's in a strip mall and is about the size of a typical small supermarket.  UPDATE: The phone number is 513.733.1828.

The Goods:  If you're looking for something for a Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or Thai dish - they probably have it.  We've only been there a couple of times now, and there's so much that is unfamiliar that I can't really say much more about their selection until we dig more into home cooking in all these cuisines.

We've been excited to find great frozen dumplings (which you simply can't make for as cheaply as you can buy them there), steamed buns (for the Momofuku pork buns we love), chile paste options, kim chi, and ramen - lots and lots of ramen choices.  If you haven't eaten ramen since college, you should definitely get yourself some Shin Ramyun Gourmet Spicy (David Chang's fav) and load on some bamboo shoots, nori, fish cake slices, scallions, and pork belly and have yourself a soul-warming meal.

Sarah and I will definitely be heading up to CAM consistently.  In fact, now we even keep a CAM list to go with our lists for Findlay/Farmers Market, TJ's, and Kroger's (sometimes there's a Jungle Jim's list, but we don't make it out there very often).  Check out the slideshow below for more...


intuitive eggplant said...

CAM is a wonderland, isn't it? They also have interesting produce and quail eggs.

Since I see you're a Ruth Reichl fan, have you been following the Bourdain-Reichl mash-up? Too funny. http://ruthbourdain.tumblr.com/

I enjoy your blog. Keep up the great work!

Gavin DeVore Leonard said...

Thanks for the comment - and glad you are enjoying the blog!

CAM is awesome. We've definitely only started to appreciate it.

I actually just started a Twitter account today and am now following ruthbordain. I hadn't yet looked at the tumblr site, but will check it out. A bunch of other foodie sites I've looked at have referenced it. Pretty funny stuff.

Anonymous said...


PranisKitchen said...

really cam Asia is a really good shop.. especially for Fish and Chinese vegetables.
If u get a chance pls add the phone number also

Gavin DeVore Leonard said...

PranisKitchen - I added the phone number under "The Location." Here it is, in case you were wondering: (513) 733-1828.

Thanks for the comment!