(We blogged for quite some time in Cincinnati then went AWOL for a while and are now just getting started again in Columbus.  So, a lot of this may "About" may be irrelevant.  Patience please :)

Amateur Foodies will have restaurant reviews and photos and recipes from our home cooking, but we are hoping to really add to the "blog landscape" by consistently discussing ingredients, sources, food politics, and more.

We have found the CinciLocavore Yahoo Group listserv to be fantastic. And there are a number of great local foodie blogs. But, we'd like more crossover where "average" readers looking for information on restaurants or recipes also get exposed to the kinds of issues and questions that are common place on CinciLocavore - including the importance of local foods, sustainability, policy, and more. An example, Michael from Dojo Gelato wrote on the list about challenges as a small ice cream producer - exactly the kind of thing that it would helpful for a wider audience to know about. We exchanged a couple emails and this post transpired. Then, by taking advantage of some of the social media options available, this information easily becomes available to people looking for information about Dojo on Urbanspoon.

We also really wanted a personal outlet for what we care about, so a blog was a pretty straightforward choice. A number of blogs do a great job of providing insights and information - we don't have any illusions of being the only game in town or filling space that is totally vacant. If you write or read another local blog we should know about, please drop us a line so we can link and cross-post.