Tasty Links #5

1) I bet you didn't know the health care bill that just passed requires chain restaurants to put the calories of its items on the menu, menu board, and drive thru menu board. Yup, starts next year.
2)  Science Friday on GMOs. - genetically modified organisms (i.e. plants).  Hat tip: Jonathon DeVore!
3)  EarthSave Cincinnati presents: The Case for Local Food.  Go here, then click "March Program."
4)  Sustainable, farm raised tuna - the future is now.
5)  Food & Water Watch was doing something with its RSS feed the other day, and put 200+ articles back into my Reader.  Skimming all of them, what jumped out was on: Gates Foundation frustration, Monsanto's big squeeze, choosing seafood, the USDA admits not doing its job, feeding factory farms really hurts, becoming a pro milk shopper, and New York City's first all meat CSA.

Want some ice cream?


more local food said...

very dancerly!

liz said...

hey guys, i just found your blog... it's awesome! yay food bloggers

Gavin DeVore Leonard said...

Hey Liz - yay food bloggers indeed! We've been having fun. Glad you like it too...