Bibimbap @ Home

It's been a little too long since we've found a new, simple, taste explosion meal.  After sharing our enjoyment of  the bibimbap at Suzie Wong's on Madison, Sarah found a recipe in our most recent (free from Sur la Table) Bon Appetit that did not disappoint.

The ingredients:  eggs, ribeye and T-bone steak from the Eaton Farm, asparagus from Trader Joe's, scallions and sesame seeds from Kroger, Hawaiian black salt and chili powder from Herbs & Spice & Everything Nice, and fleur de sel from a shop in Normandy, France.  Everything was organic (or better) except the HSEN items.  In addition, the marinade for the meat had sake (not sure of its origin), more scallions, sesame oil (again, can't remember from where anymore), garlic (TJ's, organic) and sugar (Kroger, organic).

We cooked the brown rice in the rice cooker before crisping it up in the cast iron.  This really was not very complicated, and was super flavorful.  I think this is going in the staple category.

See more pictures below in the slideshow.  And again, the recipe is here.


Cincinnati Bites said...

Wow, that really looks great! We admire your cast iron skillet.

Viva la Bibimbap!

Gavin DeVore Leonard said...

Thanks for the comment!

We've made this a couple times since - it's got loads of flavor and texture and is easy to make.

That cast iron has become our most used pan recently - it's awesome...