Tasty Links #4

1) An interesting post/conjecture on how Urbanspoon calculates its blog rankings (read the comments for info directly from the source).  In case you were wondering, Amateur Foodies is on the rise, up to:

Amateur Foodies Cincinnati restaurants

If you have any idea how to put this little icon on the side of a Blogger blog - email me please.

2) Seed prices are rising, they're looking into price gouging (have you seen The Informant, or better yet, heard the story on This American Life?).
3) Obesity and hunger are linked.
4) A pretty cool interactive graphic where you can scroll over parts of town and see the restaurants light up.
5) 12 things never to eat - yuck.

A TED talk on a chef's love affair with a fish - interesting stuff, even if you only watch it because Dan Barber kind of sounds like Fred Armisen playing Barack Obama on SNL.  Hat tip: Ezra Klein.

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