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Other than an April Fool's post on McDonald's, we don't really do chains here at Amateur Foodies.  We're big on local.  So it is with mixed feelings that we'll put up this short post on 10 West, the hotel restaurant of the Marriot in Covington.  And yes, Orchids at Palm Court is a hotel restaurant, but somehow the non-hotel branding plus the fact that it's amazingly good (post from a recent visit coming soon!) make me not feel so bad about posting it.  This one was a trip with Sarah and friends only, so let me publicly state my ghostwriter status now.

The Food:  They have a regular menu, but they also have a buffet for $14.95 - they'll make you omelettes, waffles, or fried eggs on the spot as part of that buffet.  The buffet also comes with coffee, and they made us a carafe of ice coffee at no additional cost.

All the basic hotel options exist, plus lox and cream cheese, lots of meats, different styles of scrambled eggs, pancakes, strawberry fruit smoothies, muffins, danish, and more.  On the extensive side for a typical buffet, but still typical.  As for the taste?  Definitely better than what you'd expect for a Marriott - fresh fried eggs add a nice touch, and in general we walked away happy.

The Ingredients:  Nothing here about local or organic ingredients.

The Story, Setting, & Service:  The reason to go to 10 West is very simple.  It has a stunning view of Cincinnati.  And, with a Restaurant.com coupon, because you can go for a ridiculously low price.  Right now they have a deal on $25 gift certificates that cost only $2.  That's just wrong.

Service was good and attentive - not too many other people there to worry about, so we were a priority.

10 West won't make it into our list of regular spots, but it's a bit of a bummer how few restaurants in Cincinnati take advantage of our awesome skyline.  As a result, just about anywhere with sustenance plus view equals somewhere we might go, especially with guests in town or something - maybe just for a quick drink.

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