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This'll be a quick post for a quick lunch downtown last week.  You will never walk by Deli Seven20 and stumble in by mistake, so when I noticed it hadn't been reviewed on Urbanspoon it seemed like I had to do the city a service.  While it's tucked away in a nondescript office building at 720 Pete Rose Way, it's worth taking the time to find.

The Food:  I've only ever had the sandwiches, but all of my experiences have been good, and the people I've recommended this new school deli to seem to have been quite happy as well.  My favorites are the "ring dang doo" (roast pork loin, smoked gouda, roasted red peppers, and sweet chili mayo on focaccia) and the "genevieve" (roast turkey, brie, and Toni’s jalapeño jelly on focaccia).  On this trip, I went for the ring dang doo.  I've been really digging smoky gouda lately - we've made some amazing cheeseburgers on grills at friends' recently - and the sweet chili mayo is quite tasty.  It looks a lot like the sandwiches at Melt we just had, but the taste is all its own.  You won't be disappointed.

Sandwiches come with home made potato chips - both sweet and regular potatoes I do believe!  Oh, and some good pickles as well.

The Ingredients:  Nothing on the menu about local or organic ingredients, and when I asked they said they get everything from their supplier.  For a place that is so clearly interested in high quality flavor combinations, it would be great if they took their work to the next level.  Maybe introduce it slowly for the office park crowd and see if folks will pay the additional cost on an item or two that are well designed and clearly explained on the menu.

The Story, Setting, & Service:  Deli720, as I mentioned above, is in an office building down by the river.  The view from the atrium style interior of the building is quite refreshing, like a top notch Marriott or Holiday Inn Express.  Unfortunately, no pool (but there were a few putt putt golf holes).  Seriously though, you don't come to Deli Seven20 for the decor or the atmosphere, you come to get your food and go.  They're always on time with the orders, and the folks are nice as well.

Especially if you work downtown, adding Deli Seven20 to your lunch rotation would be a good bet.  I'm confident you'll be consistently happy with quality food and a very reasonable price.

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