Breakfast Out @ Katalina's

My wife and I were pretty steady food bloggers in Cincinnati for a year or so before we ran out of places we really wanted to review and life happened in some major ways.  We've just moved to Columbus and Katalina's was recommended to us as a great breakfast place - and indeed it was!  It inspired us!

We were inspired late in the meal :)
The Food:  We ordered the pork and egg sandwich and a country egg sandwich - two big egg sandwiches that are on crusty, buttery bread and packed full of flavorful ingredients.  The meats were tasty, the cheese was gooey, the other toppings were all good.  We also had the sweet and spicy bacon on the side, and that was pretty darn yummy as well (I wonder if they use regular sugar and if it would taste even better with brown).

The Ingredients:  Not sure about any local, organic, or other notable options.  They do sell some of their staples which is kind of cute.

The Story, Setting, & Service:  Harrison West was on our list of neighborhoods to check out while house hunting, so we started here (turns out it's probably out of our price range).  Katalina's is small and frankly I was surprised we didn't have to wait at 11am on a (slightly drizzly/snowy) Saturday.  You order up front, the folks were real nice, and then find a seat.  They've got a grip of outdoor seating, so mental note for the spring/summer/fall.  Food came quick.  And again, it was good!

The Last Bite:  The breakfast sandwiches are legit.  Highly recommended that you go eat one.  I know we'll be back.

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Intuitive Eggplant said...

Good to see you blogging again, and congrats on all the new developments in your lives.

Columbus is a great city, with some terrific food. Have you been to Thurn's yet? It is awesome old-school German smokehouse.

Gavin DeVore Leonard said...

IE - thanks! Haven't been to Thurn's yet, but I just bookmarked it, so we'll get there sooner or later :)

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