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When I heard NorthSlice was opening, we put up a post spreading the word.  Northside shines on Independence Day weekend, and that's when NorthSlice opened up.  So far, they've been rocking the pizza window - no dining room just yet.  We've had a chance to stop by for a few slices, and recently ordered a full pie.  This pizza is worth driving across town for, but thankfully, we live right around the corner!

The Food:  The only thing we've had (the only thing they make thus far, I think), is pizza.  Our classic order is pepperoni and green olives, and this time we got one half with cheese.  What stands out about this pizza stands out right away - the freshness and flavor of the ingredients really pop.  We were told before that they don't cook the sauce, and the tomatoes are a bit tangy and sweet, very good.  They go pretty light on the cheese and ingredients, which also leads to the sauce standing out.  Plenty of fresh herbs on top of the pizza add to toppings we chose.  Just as we'd been expecting, the crust is not too thick, not too thin.  But because that crust is doused in herbs and salt and crunchy cornmeal, it has a nice crunch (especially around the edges) and a great taste.  Overall, it comes together quite nicely.

The Ingredients:  When we spoke with Mike, the owner, initially, he talked about buying local ingredients, doing his own herb garden, and more.  I'm not sure how that's panned out so far.  Next time I see him I'll try to get some more info on how the sourcing is going.

The Story, Setting, & Service:  Read all about the story of NorthSlice in our original post.  We're excited that they appear to have gotten off to a good start, and are hopeful for more over time.  As I mentioned above, it's only a pizza window right now, but you can peek in at the graffiti walls and see the hip logo and know it'll be a cool hang out some time soon.  The owner is a really nice guy who has been a fixture in Northside for many, many years, and I've had nothing but smiles and kindness from the other folks I've encountered so far.

The Last Bite:  This is definitely the best pizza in Northside.  It's true that it is more expensive than NYPD, but the quality is simply far better.  Whether you're stopping by for a quick slice mid-day or late-night, or ordering a whole pizza for dinner, you won't be disappointed by the fresh flavors at NorthSlice.  For convenience plus taste, this has clearly moved into our number one ranking for pizza in Cincinnati.  Check the menu in the slideshow below.

NorthSlice Pizza

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