Backyard Chickens

We had a quick thought process about getting chickens a while back, but decided against it in the end.  We've got a very small patch of grass (about 16'x5') and simply can't imagine birds fitting too well into our lives - our dog already barks madly at the squirrels.

But, we've been intrigued to watch the concept get some discussion here locally.  There's a Yahoo group exclusively for the practice of raising backyard chickens (an offshoot from the great CinciLocavore list), and most recently, a couple friends of ours up the street in Northside decided to jump on the bandwagon.  Craig and Vera are now the proud owners of six new babies, and have a little coop ready for them once they're old enough to be outside.  With a sizable backyard, they plan to move the coop around every so often, let the chickens run when they're home, and put them away when they're gone.  I can't wait to try one of the eggs!

But, without further ado - more pictures of precious little chicks...


Ryan Ostrander said...

Good pics! They're cute when they're little. My parents have five or six chickens and love the fresh eggs.

Gavin DeVore Leonard said...

Thanks Ryan - Sarah's been taking some great shots!