Tasty Links #1

Whenever I gather 5 or so links that I think are worth a look, I'll post them - may be once a week, maybe more, maybe less.

1) Wal-Mart vs. Whole Foods - seeing how bad Whole Foods' politics and policies are, and the infamy of Wal-Mart, this creates an interesting existential question.
2) Cool Maps re: Soda, Diabetes, and More - health care reform without reform to our food system will only get us so far.
3) Learn to Cook from a Cookbook? - if you like books, and you like cooking, the photo alone is worth a peek.
4) TasteSpotting via StumbleUpon - "a community-driven visual potluck" via a cool way to find new stuff on them internets.
5) Does anyone remember the guy who made noodles at Shanghai Mama's? - here's a video resembling what I was always very, very excited about.

Kinda weird, yet very cool (hat tip - Ezra Klein):

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